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  • ABKVA, a digital agency created to boost the hospitality, restaurant and food business from a digital point of view.

    Our experience, know-how and scope guarantee success. We are distinguished by a young dynamic, adapted to the needs of the current market.
Anastasia Biryukova
Miguel Robles

Design & directed strategy for companies focused on action.

As design strategists, we bridge the gap between conceived strategy and executed strategy. We align the goals of your organization with the needs of your customers, creating exceptional brand experiences.

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what makes us so special?

  • We work on the essence of your business
  • We create strategies based on your client, not on meaningless marketing data.
    We always offer a personalized solution. We are against templates.
  • We use tools that big ones use so there are no mistakes.
  • You will always have someone to ask. No not knowing what is going on with your business.
    We have gone through not knowing who to trust, and the most important thing for us is to create a good relationship.
we help you meet your goals to achieve success

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Creative & versatile

Influencer Marketing

Creation of relationships and bonds of maximum affinity with a strong role in the digital environment. The importance of linking the brand values ​​transmitted through influencers & collaboration between brand and personalities.


Branding defines the company, while with marketing the need to consume its product or service is generated or enhanced.

UI / UX Web Design and Development

UI “User Experience”, is based on user experience. Instead, the UI design is "User Interface", the visual part that captures the user who surfs the web.

Online Strategy

We work the steps to take to obtain a result or to solve a problem. Whether your goal is to have greater visibility, increase the turnover of an area of ​​your business, refocus or define online communication.


When we talk about online ads, we cover a very wide spectrum of actions. Each of them has a clear objective and a defined expected result.

Email Marketing

An email marketing campaign is a coordinated set of individual email messages that are implemented over a specific period of time for a specific purpose.

Social Media Management

Social networks have created a communication opportunity where the company can communicate with the client and become part of its social environment.

Why should you be already working your PRESENCE online?

The good and at the same time bad of the Internet is that it works 24 hours a day, at all times there is someone using the network who may be interested in your business. Imagine knowing with certainty that in your moment of greatest relaxation, your product or brand image is selling, responding to comments, posting positive photos, managing those reviews that are always lazy and angry to answer.

Eso That's what I'm here for. To make your business, and consequently, life, easier.

My work, in short, is none other than taking the image of your brand, developing it towards the type of client you have or would like to have, and creating a visual strategy through having a visual coherence and correct message on your social networks and page Web.

My goal is to sell more with less effort. And the way to sell more and better is with a very good image.

Ansatasia Biryukova


RAMÓN fernandez

FLG clinic

Excellent service, knows how to find and differentiate the needs of the company to get the most out of advertising, highly recommended

olivier burri

oustau de altea

Anastasia and Miguel have managed the restaurant's networks since December 2018, and have redesigned our website. Since then we have constantly received positive comments about the photography they take and we have a constant response to calls through online media. Exit.

angélica sanz


I've only been working with them for a month and I already see super positive results. A great dedication, with a lot of initiative and great professionalism. Absolutely recommended.

eddy kramer

eddy kramer

Anastasia has been taking me on social media for a year now and I can only say that she is very professional and thanks to her my sales have increased. It is worth the investment.

josé de cervantes


Professionals and with great dedication. They did the job I asked of them on time and with a perfect result. Recommended.

carmen polvoreda

la internacional

A great and reliable marketing company. They are serious and effective.




We will keep you informed about the latest news that you will need to implement in order for your online business to be successful.

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